Following up on my previous post, I chose the Luth-AR MBA stock for my lightweight 3-Gun carbine.

I’m a fan of the Magpul PRS stock on a regular 3-Gun rifle, but it’s weight isn’t quite the ticket for a short, lightweight blaster.


UPS delivered the Luth MBA last Friday, I installed it that evening. Installation is stupid simple if you already have a rifle-length receiver extension, obviously if you’re replacing a collapsible stock, some armorering is required.

The glass-filled nylon material still feels sturdy, while not as dense as the polymer used in the Magpul. Out of the package, it did hang up my Raptor charging handle slightly (not to the point where I couldn’t pull it back, but it did drag on the front of the stock. I would have taken some sandpaper to it but honestly it “wore in” after a practice session. The Raptor and PRI GasBuster are likely the only handles that will present this issue as they’re considerably taller in that area than the standard item.

The adjustable comb is wider than the PRS, and is extremely comfortable (much like an “enhanced” collapsible stock such as a VLTOR, minus the battery storage. For a guy like me who’s stance tends to put the nose up near the charging handle, the comb still falls on my cheek, if just barely.

I really like the adjustment for comb and length-of-pull, actually more so than the Magpul’s spring-detent dial system. The stepped thumbscrew/nut arrangement allows for much finer adjustment, loosen the screw another quarter-turn and you get the full range of adjustment all the way to bottomed-out. I was able to set the stock for me (a 6’4 whiteboy) and in seconds make it fit my Asian friend CreeCree.

20140212-072814.jpgPictured here with a miniature Yellow Lab.

I haven’t put a sling mount on the MBA yet, but I’m not too crazy about the Luth mounting point (up front of the stock). In a perfect world I’d like to have it towards the rear, but I don’t think there was room what with the adjustment mechanism. Still, the MBA frame does have holes all around it, so perhaps IWC will make a mount for it if the Luth stock becomes popular.

So far I’m digging this stock, compared to my PRS (which I view as the standard by which all other adjustable AR stocks are measured). The adjustment is far superior for my purposes and the price is around half of the Magpul (and it’s not some flimsy unit either). The light weight gels perfectly with the goal of my build, short, fast and balanced. I don’t think I’ll be replacing the PRS on my 18″ rifle as the heavier weight in the rear balances better with the heavy SPR profile barrel, but on a lighter 18 I think the MBA could be a winner.