Eureka!! I’ve finally found .22lr ammo that will function reliably in every .22 I use! It’s readily available and reasonably priced.

The ammunition I speak so highly of is Federal Premium’s .22 AutoMatch, sold at Wal-Mart. Supposedly it’s been designed to function perfectly in semi-automatic .22 handguns, perhaps the fussiest guns when it comes to ammo.

After shooting 100+ rounds of it through both a Browning Buckmark pistol, and an AR-15 with a CMMG .22 conversion kit in an all steel .22 rifle/pistol match, I’m happy to report NO malfunctions when using AutoMatch. I did, however, have quite a few malfunctions ranging from misfires and failures to feed, to failures to extract when using Value-Pak ammo.

201004271157.jpg   201004271157.jpg